Transform 2019 with Contact Lenses

At Karen Lockyer Optometrists, we know that people often have some trepidation about using contact lenses. That’s why we supply plenty of information around the process and offer a free trial session before your first consultation so that first step is easier to take.

Are contact lenses safe?

Like many products that we use in life, contact lenses are safe when used correctly so you can use them to enhance your ability to see, while improving your look in 2019.

To ensure you have the right method for your lenses and the correct specification for your eye, we offer a detailed consultation and plenty of follow up support. Whatever your specific concerns, Karen Lockyer Optometrists can help you answer the question, ‘are contact lenses safe?’ so that you feel confident about going ahead with a contact lenses transformation.

What do we offer?

At Karen Lockyer Optometrists, we pride ourselves on offering high-end, designer products that take advantage of the latest technology. Our range includes daily contact lenses, monthly contact lenses and contact lenses for astigmatism to name just a few, so you can choose the lenses that most closely suit your needs.

Working on the leading edge

We love our work and supporting our clients so we’re always looking for the latest developments in contact lenses. You want to work with products that respond precisely to your environment.

Soon, we’ll be offering light responsive contact lenses – Acuvue Oasys with Transitions which are the next level of visual support. Like transition sunglasses, they respond to light levels and change shade accordingly. This gives you a better experience as well as protecting the eye.

Serving the whole family

We support your children, as well as you, with friendly eye tests and technology that is aimed at preventing eye issues developing. At Karen Lockyer Optometrists, we offer Ortho-K in London which are contact lenses that can help to prevent myopia in children while they sleep.

Taking the next step

Whether you are taking the first step towards better vision or making a change from frames, Karen Lockyer Optometrists can ensure that you choose the contact lenses in London that work for you and your life. Get in touch to achieve a goal in 2019.