Things That Make You Go “WOOW” On Valentine’s

WOOW eyewear london

Do you want the special someone in your life to say “WOOW” when they open up your Valentine’s Day gift? Your bespectacled beauty is certain to smile when you present them with a pair of trendy, fashion-forward WOOW glasses from Karen Lockyer Optometrists.

WOOW eyewear is the latest up and coming brand to reach our shores from Paris. Edgy, chic and designed to make an impact, these glasses are truly unique and come with a finishing touch that you won’t find anywhere else.

WOOW lifts you up

Sometimes all it takes to feel good about the day ahead is a little chuckle or smile in the morning. That’s what WOOW glasses deliver with their custom 2-word messages displayed on the temple tips.

Super Sonic. Make It. Be You. Be Bright. Don’t Panic. A wealth of mini-mantras to lift up whoever dons these funky specs.

woow glasses london
Marry Me2 by WOOW eyewear


What’s more, as everyone else clocks these eye-catching, off-beat glasses, those temple tip messages are sure to be a talking point and so that cheer will spread. Now that really is something to say “WOOW” about. But that isn’t all.

WOOW frames have the fun factor

Wire, chunky or a bit of both? Cat eye, butterfly or round? Whichever frame style takes your fancy, WOOW can deliver and go one step further with quirks that make these tried and tested styles stand out from the crowd.

Pop Up 1 from WOOW eyewear


Show Off 3 by WOOW eyewear
Wool Street 1 by WOOW eyewear


Call Me 2 by WOOW eyewear


WOOW eyewear takes creativity to new heights with every aspect of their design, from daring colours, turquoise, fluorescent yellow, hot pink and more, to unusual twists on traditional patterns. And when it comes to those patterns, you can take your pick from a whole suite of sensational styles in watercolour, tortoise shell, camouflage, floral, argyle and stripes.

WOOW for work and WOOW for play

WOOW eyewear doesn’t just add a touch of playfulness to the drudge of every day at work but also offers up some summer joy with its range of super sunglasses. When we say super, we really mean it. Every line in their sunglasses range starts with the word Super: Super Fresh, Super Fun, Super Star and the list goes on.

woow sunglasses
Super Lady by WOOW eyewear

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, what better way to let your loved one know that you think they are Super Fine or Super Sweet than spelling it out with a pair of WOOW sunglasses? Every time they pop them on, they’ll feel super lucky to have gotten such a great gift.

The clock is ticking

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is almost up, so don’t wait a minute longer. Visit us in-store at Karen Lockyer Optometrists – we’re slap bang in the heart of Clapham Common, Clapham Junction and Battersea, and we’re waiting to help you WOOW your Valentine with the perfect glasses for their personality!

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