Contact Lenses

For many of our patients, wearing contact lenses has been a transformative experience. Over the past decade, contact lens technology has become so adept that many users forget they are even wearing them, making them ideal for anyone seeking freedom from their frames.

But perhaps you have had a bad experience in the past? Or perhaps you have concerns about putting them in and taking them out again? At Karen Lockyer we offer contact lens trial appointments to guide you through the different options and give you the confidence to use your lenses safely.

Nowadays, there are contact lenses to cater for almost every lifestyle and prescription – whether you’re shortsighted, longsighted, or require multi-focal vision correction – and are available in daily, weekly or longer-wear varieties. So if you have an active lifestyle, spend lots of time outside, or simply wish you didn’t have to wear glasses all the time, why not book a trial session with us today?