Children’s Eyecare

80% of your child’s learning is absorbed through their eyes, but when was the last time they had their eyes tested?
Poor vision can have a huge impact on your children’s educational experience – from playground socialising to academic performance.  As your child grows, their eyes also develop rapidly, making them susceptible to contracting optical problems such as squints, lazy eye or astigmatism.  Often these conditions are easy to correct, but if left undiagnosed they can deteriorate into much more serious vision defects.

National guidelines recommend that children under 16 should have an eye test every year, yet an astonishing 47% of British kids have never visited the optician.

At [generic-site-info list=”sitetitle”], we specialise in providing comprehensive children’s eye care services, from examining your littluns’ eyes to helping them choose glasses or contacts lenses to suit their personality and preferences.