Home Visits

Do you or someone you care for, have difficulty with the journey to and from our practice? Or are you struggling to find a carer who can fit in with your appointment slot? If so you may be eligible for an NHS funded home visit.

We only need a few details to check eligibility for a free eye test at home and then we can book a time with you for the visit.

Your optometrist will call you on the day of the appointment, to confirm the booking with you and ensure that nothing has changed. When they arrive, they will ask you a few questions about your eye health and how that impacts your day to day life. Once this is complete, they will conduct your eye examination using specialist portable equipment which they will bring with them.

If you need glasses, then your optometrist will guide you through the choices available to you. If you are eligible for NHS funding then a contribution towards the cost of the glasses may be provided.

Your glasses will be custom made for you within 14 days, then a second short appointment will be arranged to ensure that your glasses are fitted correctly and are comfortable for you.