Christmas Dinner: A Festive Feast for Your Eyes

Christmas is a time for overindulgence and expanding waistlines, but could your festive feast actually have benefits to your eye health? Many ingredients in a traditional Christmas dinner contain nutrients that can boost your vision. Here at Karen Lockyer Opticians in Clapham, we’re on hand to guide you through the healthy and unhealthy food at … Continue reading “Christmas Dinner: A Festive Feast for Your Eyes”

Our Top Tips for Looking After Children’s Glasses

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Kids are full of energy and always ready to run around, play hard, fall down and get back up again. Just as we give our children freedom, we also teach them about the importance of looking after themselves and their possessions, whether they’re crossing roads on the way to school, playing sports or brushing their … Continue reading “Our Top Tips for Looking After Children’s Glasses”

Quintessentially British: Paul Smith Eyewear

Classic British Styles with a Twist!  ‘Paul Smith’ was founded by Sir Paul Smith in 1970 when he opened his first store – Paul Smith “Vêtement Pour Homme” in Nottingham. He sold well established clothing labels, alongside pieces that he designed himself. The store was a mere three square meters and originally only sold men’s … Continue reading “Quintessentially British: Paul Smith Eyewear”

Ray Ban Sunglasses: A Tale Of Aviators and Wayfarers

Ever thought about how Ray-Ban came about and became a massive culture symbol around the world? For a good 80 years, Ray-Ban sunglasses have been the go-to fashion accessory for celebrities, athletes, political figures and the general public. They were first made with the sole purpose of shielding pilots’ eyes from the intense blue and … Continue reading “Ray Ban Sunglasses: A Tale Of Aviators and Wayfarers”

Why Should I Book a 4D Advanced Eye Scan?

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Perfect eyesight does not necessarily mean your eyes are in perfect health.  In fact, the earliest signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and some diabetic eye problems are undetectable without a comprehensive eye examination and can cause irreversible damage if left untreated.  The earlier symptoms are identified the easier a condition is to rectify, but … Continue reading “Why Should I Book a 4D Advanced Eye Scan?”

Oliver Peoples: Hand Made Vintage Style Eyewear

A wardrobe staple of A-list icons including Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Downey Jnr, Beyoncé, Jonny Depp and Harrison Ford, Oliver Peoples has become the eyewear byword for sartorial style. Inspired by its Californian roots and early-20th century craftsmanship, each pair of retro styled glasses is meticulously handmade with the highest quality materials, rendering Oliver Peoples one … Continue reading “Oliver Peoples: Hand Made Vintage Style Eyewear”

Orthokeratology: Overnight Vision Correction

orthokeratology overnight vision correction

Orthokeratology: Vision Correction While You Sleep Fed up of depending on glasses or contact lenses during the day? If you wish there was a way to correct your vision without laser eye surgery then Orthokeratology could be the solution for you. Orthokeratology lenses (or Ortho K lenses) are state-of-the-art overnight contact lenses that temporarily reshape … Continue reading “Orthokeratology: Overnight Vision Correction”

How To Improve Your Eyesight

Springtime health resolutions usually prioritize honing your waistline and improving your fitness ahead of the summer holidays, but have you ever spared a thought for your visual health?  It’s all too easy to take your eyesight for granted, but can you imagine life without it? Just like your figure, your eyes need some maintenance work … Continue reading “How To Improve Your Eyesight”